Remortgaging is moving your existing mortgage to a new lender to receive a better rate of interest and or to release equity. You may wish to take out a mortgage on the property you own to fund home improvements or another project.

Some common reasons for a remortgage are:

  • to get a better mortgage rate in order to reduce monthly outgoings
  • to consolidate debt, such as outstanding credit card balances
  • to meet home improvement costs, such as a new extension
  • to finance a business loan

Whatever your reason for carrying out a remortgage as a firm we can offer a speedy, efficient and cost effective re-mortgage service for you, to ensure that whatever your reason for the remortgage there will be no delay on the legal side of the transaction.

When deciding on a remortgage you should take into account a number of potential costs that you may incur as a result of the remortgage, so it would be worth you considering these when arranging the loan amount through your financial advisor

  • Legal Fees
  • Valuation Fees
  • Arrangement Fees
  • Dead Release Fees
  • Telegraphic Transferee Fees
  • Early Redemption Penalties
  • Mortgage Indemnity Guarantee

If you would like a quote for the cost of your re-mortgage please contact us.